Pyramid’s approach to construction is to perform critical tasks with in-house staff. We employ several teams of carpenters who are capable of rough carpentry, exterior trim, and interior trim. We have the ability to do painting with in-house personnel as well as intricate tile, masonry, and stucco work. From fanatical foundation preparation to the best finishing practices, we build homes to meet quality expectations while providing unparalled value.


At our office headquarters, Pyramid has a complete millwork shop and finish facility that allows us to fabricate custom built-ins, mouldings, paneling, interior and exterior trim elements, and other intricate details required for most any project. Staffed by expert woodworkers, this allows us to provide high quality project components at a very competitive cost.


We have long-term relationships with all of our subcontractors. We go to great lengths to ensure that our subs deliver the same level of quality as our employees. Some of our larger subcontractors have specific “Pyramid-certified” staff who work only on our projects.


Pyramid employs a large group of skilled carpenters, painters, tile setters, stucco workers, and masons. We expect a great deal from our employees. In return, we provide a great work environment and excellent benefits. The result is an experienced, hardworking, and dedicated workforce, many of whom have been with us for more than a decade.

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